FWF: How do you see the effects of digitalization in education?

Pekka Peura (Teaching Math for the Next Generation in Finland): Learning is something that you do in groups, collaborating with different kind of people. Digitalization helps people to work together. It also helps teachers in teaching, because you can make a machine to teach the easiest things, that students need to memorize and that way teacher will have more time to teach deeper and complex matter, that needs human touch and team work.

FWF: What is the purpose of the school in your opinion?

School is a place where everyone meet different and interesting people. Many times work is something that you do without seeing your workmates. School is a place where you can work face to face with everybody, build your social skills and in schools teachers can give you models and examples how to learn. Teachers are experts in learning, and they can show what learning really is.

FWF: What is the role of the teacher in Finland now and how do you see it in the near future?

 Pekka Peura: If I refer our curriculum, teachers role is to make learning happen and advance learning. Teachers build the learning environments and the atmosphere so that everyone feels they are in safe, that they want to learn and learning is possible. We are helping everyone to find the best version of themselves. In Finland we are not there yet, but we share a common vision where we want to be and we work hard to get there.

 FWF: What do you see as the biggest achievements and challenges in Finland’s new education system?

 Achievements are a better vision for tomorrow and a support to go that way.

Teachers. We need to educate us a lot about what learning really is. We need to change the way we think what school is today towards that school can be tomorrow. And we need to do this job during we are hands full of work in schools, where we are responsible for the children and also trying to teach them. All the things that should be done feel a bit too much every now and then.

Students. It’s not easy to be in environment, which is changing. First we try to teach them to listen passively, then we expect that they have good social and team work skills along with the good digital skills.

Parents. Parents sometimes think that teaching is something where teacher is speaking and students are listening. They don’t always understand that children could learn even though teacher isn’t always talking. They need to trust, that what we teachers are trying to do is something good for their children.

 FWF: How do you encourage teachers to develop their methods?

Pekka Peura: By example. I work hard, I am enthusiastic about developing my own way to teach and I share all my thoughts and materials what I am using. Together we make the change, no one can do it on their own

 FWF: How much has your life changed in last 10 years and how much it will in the next decade?

Pekka Peura: Past 10 years I have been working hard for my dreams, which are that I can play my role in making the world a better place and also help other people to be a part of the change. The work is never ending, so in the next decade I will do the same. Work hard for my dreams.

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